If you're on this page, it's likely because you want to know how to be saved. How to be saved has everything to do with the gospel, because the gospel is the joyful message from God that leads us to salvation.

Four Big Questions

The gospel message answers four big questions:

  1. Who is God?
  2. Why are we in such a mess?
  3. What did Christ do?
  4. How can we get back to God?


God is our Creator. He is loving, holy, and just. One day he will execute perfect judgment against all sin.


We are made in the image of God. We are beautiful and amazing creatures with dignity, worth, and value. But through our willful, sinful rebellion against God, we have turned from being his children to his enemies. Still, God has provided a way for us to be made right with him, and his name is Jesus.


Jesus Christ is the Son of God, whose sinless life gave him the ability to become the perfect sacrifice for sin. Through his death on the cross, he ransomed sinful people. Christ's death paid for the sins of all who come to him in faith. Christ's resurrection from the dead is the ulimate vindication of the truth of these claims.


The response God requires from us is to ackowledge our sin, repent from that sin, and believe in Christ. So we turn from sin, especially the sin of unbelief, and turn to God in faith, with the understanding that we will follow him the rest of our days.

In short, this is the joyful message from God that leads to salvation!

Now that you've heard this good news, the question is: Do you want to be saved? Then repent of your sins and call upon Jesus to be your Savior and Lord.

If you've made this good confession, you've just taken the first step toward becoming a disciple of Christ. Being a disciple, however, means more than making a one-time decision. It means following Jesus in baptism and then with your whole life. And we're here to walk with you in that journey.